07 June 2009

Our Weekend

Alright, before I get caught up on everything else I need to post on here, I'm going to start this with mine and Makayla's weekend fun times without Daddy. Don't worry, we miss Daddy tremendously, but us girls gotta stay busy while he's outta town, right?

So on Saturday, we didn't really do that much. M woke up at 9 am, so that was really nice for me! She only took one nap yesterday because of that, which is fine, since it was 1 1/2 hours long. Yay! So after I showered and she woke up, we ate some lunch at home and then went to Wal Mart to see if I could get an eye appointment. Apparently, they don't know if they take my insurance, so I have to wait until Monday to find out. Whatevs. I just need contacts! I'm on my last pair, so that sucks. After that, we went to pick up Adam's dry cleaning and then came home. Josh came over and hung out with us for a while. We went to the park that's right down the street from our house. 

THEN, the power went out! It seems like EVERY time Adam is gone, the power always goes out!! At least it was still light out, but it was hot! Our house has an awful heating and cooling system, so it gets hot or cold super fast and it sucks. 

M went to bed at her normal time and I chillaxed and watched He's Just Not That Into You. I liked it. It was a chick flick, which is what I'm into, so it was cool.

Today, we went to lunch, just me and M, at Panera. It was a nice little date for us. We were going to go to Border's after that and play and look around, but Janelle called and wanted to see if we wanted to hang out at the Art on the Vine thingy in Fairfield, so we went there instead. It was nice to hang out with some friends for a while and M got to run around in the grass and touch leaves and stuff. She enjoyed herself, I think. We weren't there for very long, since it's kinda far away, so we drove back home and now she's taking her second nap. I'm really not sure how to transition down to one nap because she's just SO cranky in the morning that I feel like I can't wait until 12:30 to put her down. I'll just roll with it, I think. She seems okay to me and I kinda like her having two naps still. I'm not gonna push it. We'll get there.

So, that's all we've been doing so far. Maybe later I'll post those pictures I've been promising....and the stories from when my dad was here....stay tuned....

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