23 June 2009

More May 2009 Photos...

Playing on the monkey bars with Daddy.
Getting ready to go play tennis. (Just kidding. I don't make my child play sports at such a young age...just gymnastics.)
Feta, Mommy and baby.
'Where did it go??'
Kicking her legs.
We heart shirtless babies who drink milk.
Hanging out in freezing San Francisco.
My dad and I waiting for the ferry.
Wearing Mommy's slippers.
Monterey Bay Aquarium.
So tired, but not sleeping!
Aquarium again.
Wearing Mommy's old slippers. I know they're ugly. They're gone now. :)
Blowing bubbles in the backyard on a nice day.
Wearing a cute dress!!!
She is so happy and I am so thankful.
Sticking out her tongue.
HAHA! Standing on her house toy thingy.
I probably caught her doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing.
It looks like she was in time out, but she wasn't. She was just mad. And pantless.
Concentrating on clapping, I guess.
Adam's album cover.
Waiting for Daddy to pick his bass guitar.
Tossin' back a cold one with Daddy. HA!
Mommy and M on Mommy's birthday. I know, it doesn't look awkward at all, does it?
My flowers from Makayla for my birthday.
My flowers from Adam for my birthday.
Thumb sucker.
Yes, we are framing this one.

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