22 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!

You are the best daddy in the world to Makayla! Thank you for being so involved in her life...changing diapers, giving her a bath every single night and putting her to bed, playing with her every day when you get home, taking her out so Mommy can have some time to chill. 

Makayla loves you more than words could ever say. Every single day when you get home from work, she gets to excited when she hears the keys in the door and she can't wait to see you. If I'm holding her, she lunges for you to hold her. It is the sweetest thing.

Whenever I say, 'Where's Daddy?', she will look around for you. She looks towards the door if she doesn't see you, because she's waiting for you to come home. We miss you all day long when you're at work. 

Thank you for being so patient with her when she's a little booger. She loves when you throw her up in the air (while I freak out in the corner and yell at you to stop), but it's all worth it to see that sweet smile and hear her giggle. I love watching you two interact with each other. It's probably my favorite part of the day.

You are the best daddy in the world, there is no doubt about it. You are so caring, involved, loving and kind. I can't wait to have more babies with you.


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