23 June 2009

House Pictures!

So I have had some recent requests for pictures of my house and I have been meaning to post some of these anyway. I took all of these pictures today because my house is almost finished and it almost looks like I want it to look. Let's start the tour in the downstairs bathroom...

Here it is. The colors are lavender and yellow, in case you couldn't tell. Adam just put that new mirror up a couple weeks ago. This is the only picture I took since it's pretty small. To the left of the sink is a little shelf thing that I keep our towels and some candles on. And to the left of that is a small closet. Blankets and toilet paper are in there. Oh yeah and board games. That door you see goes outside. Yes, it's weird. No, I don't know why they did that.
Our laundry area is in the downstairs bathroom right across from the sink. At least it isn't in the garage.
This is the living room in all its glory. We just recently got it painted and I love it! The fireplace isn't done yet, as you can see, but it will be soon. The hardwood floor is brand new.
This is the view of the living room from the front door. The kitchen and dining room are through the doorway and window area thingy. If you go right, you'd go to our bathroom or our garage.
Our huge wall with the tv mounted above the fireplace.
This is our dining room. Makayla's high chair is just barely out of the picture. The room is rather small, though.
And this is the kitchen. It's tiny, but functional. The only problem is that if there is more than one person in there, you're always bumping into each other. So I just let Adam cook. HA! Our kitchen was totally done when we moved in. We just bought our fridge.
This is our stairway from downstairs. We have four huge windows that let in a lot of light.
This is Makayla's bathroom and the guest bathroom when we have some. It's pink and green, naturally.
Another view of M's bathroom. It's small, but it works.
Here's Makayla's room! It is pink, of course. I'm standing in the doorway, so this is pretty much it. To the right is her closet.
Changing table and window seat. I got this really great set of letters for her name at one of my baby showers, but it blends right into the wall, so I want to mount it on something and put it above the changing table. We'll see if that ever happens.
Just another view. And my girl sitting on her glider.
There's her closet. It didn't have doors on it when we moved in. I plan on making some curtains for it, but haven't yet. Yeah, it's on the list.
Closet and bookshelf. Nope, she's not spoiled.
Here's the extra bedroom. It is right next door to Makayla's room and her bathroom is right across from this room. There's a window seat in here, but since we really lack storage in this house, that's how we use it for now.
The bed in the extra room. We wanted it to be a mint/cream color combo, but when Adam bought the bedding, they sent him a Cal King set and our bed is only Queen, so for now, this is what we've got.
The other part of the room...the bookshelf. We have another bookshelf downstairs, under the stairs. The bottom two shelves are empty because Makayla used to take all the books off and throw them everywhere. They're in the garage now.
This is the hallway standing in the doorway of the master bedroom. To the left is the staircase. Straight down the hall is Makayla's room and to the left of that is the extra bedroom. Got it?
This is the master bathroom. It's no master suite, but we like it.
Shower and toilet. Small, but we don't use a bathtub anyway, so it's cool.
This is the sliding glass door in our bedroom. We have a little balcony out there that I plan on getting furniture for one day...
Here's the bed looking from our bathroom. The door is to the left.
Another view from our doorway. I forgot to take a picture of the closet, but it's almost behind me and it's mirrors. Sucks to clean. Also? Not as big as you'd think from looking at the doors. Trust me.

Well, that concludes the tour of my house! I'd show you pictures of the outside, but I don't want anyone knowing my address. Hope you enjoyed it!


the Shipe's said...

Your house seems huge! Very nice! Thanks for taking the time. oh & I finally did mine!

Becks said...

Nice house! I especially loved seeing Makayla in the pictures just being adorable! It was like playing 'Where's Makayla'...omg what a cutie!