18 June 2009

May Photos

Here is just a glimpse of the photos I took in May. Seriously, I took over 800 pictures! These are some of my faves. I'll have to upload the vertical ones later. All captions are under each photo.

Dipping her fries in ketchup at Spenger's.
The three amigos.
Playing in the backyard.
Where did it go?
One of M's favorite things to do while Feta was here...sit on the couch and hand him toys. So sweet.
She's beautiful, but bruised. This was the week she hit her head every single day.
Too bad it's blurry. Still makes a cute pic. :)
Oh my gosh, I love this face!!
The scrunchy nose gets me every time.
Daddy and M in line for Alcatraz. San Fran 2009.
Pushing her stroller all by herself.
Walking around in the freezing cold!
Messy hairdo!
Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Monterey Bay.
Me in the mirror at our hotel room in Salinas.
M in the hotel. Her first time staying in a hotel. She did beautifully!
Playing on the king size bed, what what??
Our first time blowing bubbles!! My favorite shot of the day.
She loved them, can you tell?
So exciting!
She always does this when she sees something she wants or forgot about. Precious.
Big cheeser.
Family photo before our limo ride for our four year annivesary. No, Makayla did not come with us. I look awful, I know.
Doing 'arms up' during her video time.
She's cute.
She learned how to put the coins in the piggy bank! A momentous occasion.
So happy with her doll baby.
It's cool for her to drink, right? She sleeps better. Just kidding!! She did NOT drink any.
OMG, baby model.
Me and M on my birfday.
Not a happy camper, huh Mrs.?
Adam on my birthday. He is happy.

I think I've done enough blogging for tonight. Maybe one day I will post the rest of the pics. Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...


Ky and Kami's mom said...

She's adorable! I bet she's got the greatest little personality...what was she 8 months or so the last time I saw her?!

Tiffany said...


The Bardwells said...

I LOVE the new pictures! Happy birthday and happy anniversary! Times flies, huh? :)

As for baby #2....I dunno. I will ahve to get back to you on that one! haha. :) What about you guys?