30 June 2009


I have cleaned all the dishes.
And now there is a new stack in the sink.

I have done and folded all the laundry.
And now there is another load in the dryer.

I have swept all the floors.
And now there is dirt everywhere.

I have cleaned all the bathrooms.
And now the toilets need to be cleaned.

I have cleared off the dining room table.
And now there are more papers that need to find a new home.

I have dusted every room.
And now there is dust accumulating as we speak.

I have toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, kleenex and contact solution.
And now they all need to be put away.

When does it end??

P.S. I'm really not complaining. I know I've got it good (see post below!), but I just feel like my entire day is consumed by housework! Only to start it all over again.


Ky and Kami's mom said...

Ahhh the never ending cycle of cleaning. My problem is, now that I'm back to work I have hardly any time to keep this place clean like I could when it was just Kami and I here. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Haha, this IS my life. It doesn't end, but, I only clean on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, my gym days. And Tuesday, Thursday are my errand days. I'm off on weekends. But, we can't call in on Mommy detail.