31 May 2009

There are so many things I have to write about that I just haven't gotten around to doing yet.
Like, my dad's trip here and everything we did. Adam still needs to write his follow up blog. I need to post the billions of pictures I took in the month of May. I literally took almost 700 pictures just in May. That's what a new camera will do to you, I guess.

But the real reason I'm writing this particular blog is for what happened this fine evening. Adam, Makayla and I were playing like we normally do every night and I threw a stuffed animal at Adam. So then, we kept throwing them back and forth at each other and Makayla was screaming and laughing. It was so cute!

While we were doing that, I started saying 'Ow!' and that had her almost rolling on the floor. She had THE biggest smile on her face I have ever seen. And she was giggling so loud. It was adorable! I didn't get any pictures because I just wanted to live in that moment. So I'm writing it right now to remember it later. 

Makayla has also learned how to stomp her feet thanks to her Daddy. :) He's been teaching her for the past few days and now she's a pro! Adam said we have to take her to Napa this summer to stomp some grapes. HA!!

Oh yeah, she also 'climbed a mountain' today. We had our body pillow on the floor and she was trying to climb up it. It was cute. We also having this bean bag chair thing that holds all her stuffed animals and it has these mesh window type things on it so you can see the animals. Well, Makayla will pick up one of the windows and hold it on her face and start laughing. She is so amazing.

Also lately, we've been asking her to do things and she does them in their entirety! Like today I said, 'Go get your stroller!' and she totally did. And then I wanted her to give Adam a light bulb and I said, 'Go give this to Daddy, please.' and she walked right over to him and handed it right to him. Wow, she's literally perfect, I swear. I'm honestly not sure if I can love her more than I do right now.

I've got tons of great pictures and stories coming your way very soon. Hang tight. Hopefully this'll tide you over 'til then. :D

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Ky and Kami's mom said...

Sounds like she's taking a step towards independence. How sweet :) Hope you had a great time with your dad!