25 May 2009

Daddy's Turn!

This is Adam, Lindsey's hubby.  Lindsey's dad came in for the weekend and they're off touring the coast.  That leaves me in charge for two whole days!  I get a decent dose of what Linz goes through while I'm at work.  It's not even noon on Day One, so I'm optimistic.  Chances are in 48 hours I'll appreciate my wife more.  :D


Take M to the park.
Make every snack-, nap-, and meal-time happen on schedule.
Go on two walks.
Work on the yard (with M watching/helping?)
Take plenty of pictures.
Keep up with 'Your Baby Can Read'.
Keep the house from burning down.
Stay sane.

Did I just make a list?  I have to say that four years ago I was no fan of lists.  But my organized wife's undying resolve for order has eroded my chaotic nature, and I am on board!

More later...if I survive.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Good Luck! Don't worry, you'll survive :)