15 May 2009

Mouth, Ear, Etc.

Makayla can now point to her mouth, her ear, her head and sometimes her nose.
She gets really excited when she sees the word dog, because she knows a picture of a dog is coming next and she LOVES doggies!!

And I LOVE Your Baby Can Read!! It really works!! And it's been just a little over a month. In fact, we started a new video in the 11th, which was just this past Monday. And she already knows these new things. Well, mouth is from the first video, but she's been doing that for a while now anyway, just forgot to document it. :) This is the coolest thing ever!! And I don't even go over the flashcards with her as much as I should. Imagine how much more she'd know if I did! I'll get there. I'm trying to figure out when the best time is...when she's most attentive and not irritated by something, when we're home, etc. Either way, I'm totally juiced and STILL think it's worth the money!!!

She also knows how to blow kisses. I don't know where she learned that, because Adam and I never taught her, but every time, she does it. Adorable!!

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