18 May 2009

Monterey and the house.

Our house is painted!!! I am SO happy. It looks great and for the most part, the guys were rather clean. They didn't get paint on any of my stuff, so that's a plus. They put most of the stuff back where it belonged, too. They did kind of leave a mess in the bathroom, but I had/have to clean anyway, since my dad is coming out this Friday, so it's cool. And they weren't badly priced, either! So, I'm thinking the only thing we have left to do to our house for it to be almost perfect is get doors for the fireplace. Yes, we have had plastic covering the fireplace since we moved in. The dumb thing didn't even have doors when we moved in. And it's sort of a hassle to get doors because you have to go the place that made the fireplace and well, we don't know who that is. Whatev.

Saturday morning we left to drive to Monterey for the weekend. The drive there was sorta rough because M was getting tired, but wouldn't go to sleep, so she screamed a lot. We stopped twice...once for gas and then once for M to get a snack. After that, right when we were coming into Monterey, she fell asleep. Of course. So we went to the 17 mile drive and did that. We couldn't get out though, since M was sleeping. Oh well. It was still fun to drive through. I went there once before with my dad a long time ago. After M woke up, we went to get some lunch at the Fisherman's Wharf. Some place called Willy's. It was pretty good! Then we got this really awesome crepe from some place down there, too. SO good! We even went back on Sunday to get another one! It was awesome!!! After that, we went to our hotel in Salinas and checked in.

Salinas is about 30 minutes away from Monterey, but we stayed there because we got a suite room (so M could have her own room and we wouldn't wake her) and it was the only place they had a suite left for the weekend. Once we got to the hotel, we put M down for another nap. By this time it was 4pm and she usually takes her second nap at 2:30pm, so we were all off. Anyway, she slept until 6pm and then we got her up because we didn't want her staying up too far past her bedtime. So while she slept, Adam and I just hung out and watched tv and relaxed NOT in the car. HAHA! We were planning on going back to the 17 mile drive so we could go to the beach, but since it was so late and so far away, we just stayed in Salinas and ate dinner at this place called Gino's. It was really good italian food, but the service was HORRIBLE. And it took us forever to find it even though it was like two miles from our hotel. Oh well! 

After we ate (it took so long, since the service was so bad), we went back to the hotel and let M run around for a while. She went to bed at 9pm! There is only one other time that happened and that was because we were getting our stairs done and the guys didn't finish until 9:30pm! Either way, she went right to sleep and didn't get up until 8 the next morning. 

So on Sunday, we got up, went downstairs and got some breakfast. Then came back up to the room, got ready and were out of the hotel by 10am. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it was so fun! It wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, but it was still awesome! Makayla LOVES animals, so she really liked looking at the big tuna fish and the jellyfish were her fave, I think. She was nearing nap time, but wouldn't go to sleep since there was so much going on, so we ate at the cafe in the aquarium and then went to get our crepe and then we were on our way home. She fell asleep within 10 minutes of being in the car. So she only got one nap yesterday, but she's taking a nap right now and has been sleeping for over an hour, so that's good. At least we don't have to get rid of the first nap just yet! I'm not ready for that!! 

All in all, it was a really great way to spend the weekend and I am so glad we weren't having to live in the house while they were doing the painting. Talk about dangerous, right? And it looks amazing!! The weekend was stressful at times, but so fun. I'm just not a fan of when my little girl is tired, so that was hard. But hopefully there will be more trips like this in the future!! It was the first time M had ever been in a hotel before and I think she really liked it. She loved riding the elevator. HA!

I'll post pictures from our trip soonish. They are still on my camera and I usually wait until the end of the month to upload all my pics, so we'll see. Also this weekend was a testament to how much I LOVE my new camera! That bad boy rocks! Well, I have to fold some laundry while Mrs. is sleeping.

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