21 May 2009


I did a lot today. And I am going to write it all here, so I can look back and remember everything I did.

Well first off, I went to the doctor yesterday. It was a really good appointment and I go back for a follow up in a month. Got a prescription, so we'll see how that goes. Maybe that's why I was so productive today?? And I'm still not very tired...yet. Let's hope that kicks in soon. :)

Anyway, back to today.

I did:

two loads of dishes
three loads of laundry
swiffered the kitchen/dining room
cleaned two out of three bathrooms
sorted everything in every drawer in all the bathrooms and even cleaned them!
took out the recyclables
got rid of old food in the fridge
cleaned my kitchen sink with Comet...it's super shiny!
dusted our bedroom
changed our sheets
switched out our old pillows with brand new crisp ones!
folded one load of laundry
gave Makayla a bath after lunch time...I let her feed herself noodles...it wasn't pretty. I even washed her hair! (This is on the list because I NEVER bathe her. That's Adam's job.)
cleaned both of our laptops
read an entire magazine
cleaned two sets of sliding glass doors

I think that's about it. 

Adam mowed the lawn and mopped the kitchen/dining room for me. My dad is coming in on Friday, so we're getting everything ready for him.

I still need to:

change the sheets in the extra bedroom
swiffer the living room
vaccum the rugs and the upstairs
dust bust the couch cushions and underneath them
fold laundry
dust Makayla's room

I think that's all I have to do before he gets here!

Luckily I have a wonderful friend who is willing to watch Makayla while I go pick up my dad from the airport on Friday. He comes in during her nap time and her schedule is going to be so messed up while he's here that I want her to get all the sleep she can before that happens. Plus I know he'll want In-N-Out right when he gets here and I'd just be pissed if M didn't get to bed right away. It'll be so much easier, so thank you, Janelle!! You are a life saver!!

I think I had a pretty productive day and I'm still going. Like I'm not doing anything else, but like I said, I'm not sleeping. I should probably, though. 

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