14 May 2009

Finally, the pictures I've been promising for weeks!

Mommy and me.
I was sippin' on my haterade this day. (If you watch ANTM, you know this.)
What's over there, Mommy?
Such a happy camper.
I ADORE this picture. Such a peaceful baby.
Looking out the window, waiting for Daddy.
My Easter card from Nana!!
Pointing and sitting on the steps. :)
She's so happy and I love that!!
Mommy made me a towel head...literally!


Michelle said...

I love all the pictures :) She's such a cutie pie :) Samantha watches the Baby Einstein sign language videos and she knows a few words in sign language. Maybe Makayla might like them too. Isn't just the greatest thing in the world when they learn new things? I'm still amazed.

Nathan said...

lol I don't think you're supposed to say towelhead...