02 April 2009


1. One of my favorite things to do is watch Makayla play. I love seeing her walk around and talk to herself and stack DVDs and take all of her toys out of her baskets and then put them all back in again. It's the best watching her grow up.

2. I finished my blanket. I think I mentioned that before but it's worth noting again. I love it. It looks great. I should take a picture.

3. Makayla just brought me a dictionary. That is cool.

4. I purchased Little Miss M an easter basket today. Yesterday I got everything to put in the basket and today I decided to buy a basket. It's a bunny. She loves carrying around anything with a handle, so I bought a plush one that she can always use.

5. I really should finish M's Shutterfly photo books I've started. I still haven't finished her one year one. I lack the motivation. Whenever M naps, I just want to chillax.

6. Speaking of chillaxing, my house isn't as clean as it should be because I do relax while M naps. It's glorious and I wouldn't change it for the world. My house can always get cleaned, but how often can I actually sit down during the day?!

7. I am on unemployment and it's really great to be getting free money. We're saving it for a car. Also, we got a lot, I mean, A LOT, of money back on our taxes that we will be using for a car, a dresser for Makayla, painting the living room, M's college and a little saving for a future child.

8. I really, really want another baby. There are plans in place.

9. Being a vegetarian is really not hard at all. I can't go out to eat as much and that's really a good thing!! But cutting out meat is not that difficult.

10. I started a 7 day cleanse today. Adam's doing it with me. He bought these things at GNC. I haven't been that hungry all day.

11. We have to hang M's one year pictures on our wall. I have them framed and waiting.

12. I'm tired all day long, but then when it comes time to go to bed, I lay awake for at least 30 minutes. What's up with that?

13. Adam and I are now members at our wonderful church. It feels really good.

14. I love that when Makayla and I walk down the stairs, she always points and smiles at the pictures of herself. She definitely knows it's her.

15. The other day (last Friday), Adam, M and I were taking a walk and Makayla looked up at Adam, pointed to his hat and said, "Hat!". It was so cool! And then she did it again! 

16. Makayla is 15 months old and still wears 12 month clothes. Yes she's small. No you don't need to tell me. Everyone already does and it's annoying. 

17. I love when Makayla is playing and I'm sitting on the floor doing something and then she comes over and plops herself right in my lap and continues playing. I love that she loves me so much. And I love her so much, it's insane.

18. Facebook is getting really old to me. Just like MySpace was. It's nice to keep in touch with high school friends, but yeah....

19. I want to get a new DVD stand. We have one little one and a TV stand right now, but everything is helter skelter and I hate it. They don't match. We don't need the TV stand because our TV is mounted above our fireplace, so we have the DVD player and the Wii on it and it's in front of the fireplace. It looks lame. 

20. Speaking of fireplaces, we need to get a door for ours still. It's so stupid and I hate it.

21. Also. Adam is going to kill me for saying this, but I hate our wood floors. They suck. That is all.

22. I can't help but think about what a huge house we could have gotten for the price we paid for this house. Our house isn't small but it only has three rooms, so once we have another baby, we won't have an extra room anymore. I hate that idea, but I will not put our kids together. Not until they sleep through the night, then we can talk about it.

23. I made Makayla all these freaking hair bows and she will not leave them in her hair. She loves to play with them though, so I guess that's all they're good for. She also hates wearing shoes, which kinda sucks because I'm not going to let her walk around barefoot when we're out.

24. Adam and I are getting tattoos next weekend. I'm excited. It'll be his first and my fifth. I seriously can't wait!! We are both perplexed as to the placement of said tattoos. I know mine is going on my left arm somewhere....

25. Sometimes I really miss the Air Force. Other times, not so much with the missing. I do love that they made us do mandatory PT. I can definitely tell a difference nowadays. I hated it when I was in, but I miss it now.

Well, I'm going to stop at 25. That's not all that's going on in my head right now, but it's really hard to think of stuff to write on the spot like that. There will be more randoms, though, I can assure you.

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Kylianasmom said...

#16-really? She had the cutest rolls last time I saw her...I know that was a while ago. She doesn't look "small" to me-she looks just right :)

#21-I hate our hardwood floors. They are much harder to maintain than carpets to me. We have a dark finish on ours so you can see EVERY speck of dirt. I hate feeling like I need to sweep and mop every 2 days!!

#22-We have 3 rooms but two are on the main floor and one is the entire second floor. Either way we wouldn't be on the same floor as one of the kids. Ky gets up at night to potty and the baby will obviously get up to get fed/changed, so we have to have them share rooms to avoid anybody walking up or down the stairs half asleep and getting hurt!

#23-I got these shoes from target, they weren't really shoes though. They were leather, soft sole shoes, kinda like slippers but able to be worn outside too. I put those on Ky during her getting ready to walk, but don't want to wear shoes phase. They are by circo and they hang up in the baby aisles. I can't find a link to them, but maybe check them out and see if they might work instead of uncomfortable shoes!