03 April 2009


So, as you all know, Makayla has been climbing the stairs all by herself lately. We only let her do it when we are right behind her and ONLY when we are going upstairs. We don't just let her do it if she wants to and trust me, she tries. But she also listens and doesn't go up when I tell her not to. :)

Anyway, last night, Adam put her by the bottom step and she started to climb onto the first step and then, before we knew it, BAM! She fell and hit her head. She cried and cried and cried and then stopped crying. It really wasn't too rough and I was expecting her to freak out a lot harder than she did. I'm sure it hurt, though. She's pretty resilient, believe it or not. 

After she fell, I took her upstairs so Daddy could continue on with the bedtime routine. Everything was fine. She was crying when we brushed her teeth like she always does. She was laughing when we put her clothes on. She walked/ran away from us and cracked up laughing while we chased her to our room. Everything seemed all good. Until. Until Daddy was going to read her a story and I saw the bump and bruise. Ahhhhh!!! Our first REAL injury! I knew it was coming, but I've been really good about keeping her protected from really rough bumps, yet still letting her explore and play like any kid should.

All in all, she's got a bruise on her forehead. The left side. It doesn't look so bad today, but yesterday it looked pretty rough. So we gave her some Tylenol and I prayed all night that she'd wake up this morning. You know, because of the concussion scares out there. She's fine, by the way. Walking. Talking. Eating. Playing. She. is. awesome.

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