31 March 2009

My Dramatic Life

Okay so it's really not that dramatic, but I had a rough day today.

So I had to go to the post office today. First I had to go in and get the boxes I needed and then package everything in the car. So I had to get Makayla out of her car seat, take her in with me, go back to the car, strap her back in her car seat, turn on the a/c, package the boxes, write the addresses on them and then get M back out, go back inside and proceed to wait in line for 20+ minutes. It was rough. It probably doesn't help that I didn't put Makayla's shoes on her so I had to hold her and the boxes the entire time we were waiting. Only to find out that I could have used the automatic postage thingy. Yay. Makayla dropped my cards on the floor a few hundred times so I had to keep picking them up and then she dropped my keys and then the boxes fell out of my hands. It was a blast, I assure you.

Then I'm leaving the post office and I am super cautious when I back out of a parking space because I got into an accident years ago while I was backing out. It was nothing bad, but I'm always freaked out now. So, I'm backing out and no one is behind me, no one is backing out, all is clear. Until. Until I am out of the space, but not out far enough to continue on straight. No, I'm just barely out and the lady behind me is trying to back out. She was old. So then I'm stuck there because there's another car waiting for my parking space. Are you following me?! I had to do this crazy ridiculous maneuver type deal to get out of there because the old lady wasn't smart enough to realize that if she wanted to get out of her space, she had to pull back in so I could move. I was out of my space far enough to where I couldn't get back in if I wanted to.

After that, we went to the library to drop off our books that we got. Nothing big happened there.

We are refinancing our house because, well, because we can. For a better rate. That is cheaper. So I had to go to FedEx/Kinkos to mail that. It was a prepaid envelope from USAA. I go in there and there's one guy that's already being helped, so I was just waiting ever so patiently and the worker guy said he'd be right with me, so I kindly said, "Okay!".  And waited.

Long story short, the worker guy was so rude to me. Didn't say bye or have a nice day or anything. And I wasn't mad or mean or anything to this homeslice. Whatev. If that envelope wasn't prepaid, we would have had to pay $42 to ship that bad boy! Yikes!

I had Arby's for lunch. The end.

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