15 April 2009

More Teeth!

For the last three days, Makayla has been excessively cranky and whiny and all around mopey. Getting up at 6:20 which, by the way, is so not cool with me, in case you were wondering. So, I figured out she was teething. I thought her front right tooth was coming in and I was all, yay tooth! you can do it! get out here! and nothing. I kept thinking that was the tooth that was waking me up in the middle of the night to rock my baby back to sleep after 20 relentless minutes of wailing. With that, I was putting Nighttime Orajel on that exact spot only to come the realization today that she is in fact, NOT getting said tooth.

She is, though, getting TWO other teeth. I believe they are the very far back ones on the top, but I can't tell for sure, for sure. I'll have to wait a while longer to be positive. Either way, I was inspecting her mouth today before she ate dinner (because of all the crying) and I STILL thought it was that top right tooth and then I pried a little bit more and found the one on the right side. It was not until later (when Adam was changing her diaper) that I got back in there and saw that she has the exact same one on the OTHER side coming up! They are just little points right now, but they've broken through, so that's a plus!! Dude. That explains all the whining and clinging! Mystery solved!!

You can all sleep tonight now. Hopefully we can, too. She has successfully been drugged.

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