15 April 2009

Your Baby Can Read!

A couple weeks ago, I was watching tv and I saw an infomercial for Your Baby Can Read!

Let me back up a second.

Adam and I were going to buy Makayla this crazy business for her first birthday, but then we decided against it and went with the awesome (and always in the corner) rocking dragon. One day she will use it, I'm sure of it. But for now, not so much. Goodbye $90 bucks! We'll miss you!

Back to my story of awesome.

We didn't buy it for her when she turned one. Obviously. Which brings me to the conclusion! I bought it! And it's awesome!

So we got it April 9th, after Makayla was already in bed and I couldn't wait for her to watch the first video! I am not going to go through all the steps of how to watch the videos and when to show the flashcards and read the books, etc. You can check it out here, if you really want to know.

April 10th, we started the Starter Video. She LOVES animals (a new obsession), dogs and cats, especially, and lo and behold the video has TONS of animals in it! She was enamored. We did the flashcards, read the book. Over and over and over. A million times that day. And we've been doing the same thing ever since. Granted it hasn't been that long yet, but she just keeps liking the video more and more. In fact, today was the first time since we got it that she watched the video twice in one day (that's what you're supposed to do)!! I figured out when the best time is, too. Snack time. I just pull her high chair out into the living room, throw the DVD on and she watches it while eating her snack.

Here's the real awesome part of the story.

Are you ready?


She already does some of the stuff from the DVD and flashcards and book!!!! Like pretty much every time we read it/watch it/say it to her!! Genius, this one.

She does 'arms up', 'clap' and 'wave'. She only clapped one other time in her life before we got this set. November 5th, 2008. I will never forget it because I was so frackin' excited that I yelled and I think I scared her and she never did it again. 

Oh yeah, also noteworthy?

She started doing this stuff THE DAY AFTER we started watching the videos. Tell me that's not genius. Oh wait, you can't because IT IS!!!!!

She gets excited when she sees the word 'dog', 'cat' and 'tiger' come on the screen because she knows what's coming next.

It is awesome. Best lots of money I've ever spent. Don't be mad when my kid is laughing at your kid in preschool because he or she can't read. Suckas!! :D

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