22 February 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Making the cutest faces while eating...

Pushing around pillows and drinking milk on the kitchen floor...

Always loving each other (me and Adam on V-Day, me and Makayla on another day)

Making bracelets out of rings...while having the best hairdo!!

Standing with no help!!!

Getting ready to go to work with Mr. Potato Head in my briefcase...

No pictures please! I'm taking a stroll here, people!

Investigating straws and being sick...

Mommy made a bow holder for my room. Look at all those bows!

And we went to Fairytale Town yesterday! We had such a blast!! Makayla really enjoyed checking out all the animals there. They had the three little pigs...some goats, a cow, a donkey, some sheep and some rabbits.


Checking out the goats. That's my favorite face ever! It's accompanied with the most amazing sound I've ever heard, as well. :)


Hanging out with the giant turtle and giant bunny. It was fun. She really loved crawling around on these bad boys.

Playing on the playground with Daddy.

Relaxing on the big chair and the last picture of the day. Goodbye!

So, all in all, Fairytale Town was really fun. It's not that big, so we were only there for about an hour and a half including eating lunch, but Makayla really did enjoy herself. She even went on a slide with Daddy! Also, we gave her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time yesterday. She really liked it a lot! I read in a magazine that kids are allergic to peanuts more often now because everyone advises us to wait until they're 3 to give them peanut butter, but if they get it sooner, there's a chance they might not be allergic. So we took our chances. She's fine, by the way. No allergic reactions here!

(I don't know why everything is underlined. Sorry!)

We got home just in time for Makayla's afternoon nap, which was really nice so we could just relax. Adam's been working really hard lately and he's tired more often than not, but he still always wants to take us to do things when he's around.

Speaking of, he's going to be doing one of his two weeks next week and I'm going home! I'm so excited! It was like an impromptu thing, but I'm going to Ohio for a week. It's gonna be hectic, crazy and stressful, but it should be fun to see my family!

Makayla's been standing more and more on her own and she has been taking a few steps every once in a while, too. It's so exciting! I can't wait for her to just take off!!

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Becks said...

Hellllooo!!! So I have been MIA on the computer lately. No time for anything fun anymore!! Ok I am exagerating but I have no down time anymore all I do is work work work! BUT I miss you and I love this post because when I was growing up we went to Fairytale town ALL ThE TIME with my grandparents when I visited!! I loved it!! Such a small world! I love that Makayla is getting to have fun there one day who knows maybe Sophia will get to visit!!

Anyways I love all your new posts and am just really behind and have to catch up all at once! HUGS to you and Makayla!