18 February 2009

I Hate Post Titles.

What have we been up to, you ask? 

Oh yes, well, I'll tell you just that.

Adam was gone Monday and Tuesday in L.A....well, technically he left on Monday night, so he was really only there for a day, but he was at work on Monday, so that counts as two days. Anyway, he was supposed to get home last night at around 8ish. Yeah, not so much. He missed his plane because the meeting he attended went over too long. And then, the flight they put him on later was supposed to leave at 8 and then it got pushed back to leave at 10! So he finally gets on the plane and I went to bed early because I have been so ridiculously sick these past few days and this morning, he's still home! So I'm all, dude...wtf? and he's all, I hate work. 

No, just kidding.

What really happened was, he was driving home from the airport super late last night and his car overheated. He kept having to pull off onto the side of the road let it cool off and then he proceeded to drive home. Well, it finally died and he couldn't make it any more. He called a tow truck and homeslice brought him home. He didn't get to bed until after 2am. Yikes!

So, he couldn't get to work and he was way too exhausted anyway, so his boss let him work from home today (he had the company laptop for his trip). And this morning, we took his car to get it fixed and turns out, he needed a whole new radiator! We just had to fix my car because I needed a new radiator! Weird, right?! Well, Adam's was a lot cheaper because mine needed body work also. Long story.


We also went to Lowe's today because we had a gift card type thing from when we got our washer and dryer and it expired in March, so we got to buy some more stuff for our house! Yay!

Let's see....what else have we been doing? Well, Makayla's still sick. She had some wheezing and when she was 3 months old, she was wheezing one time, so I took her to the doctor and they gave us this crazy contraption and an inhaler, so I've been using that with her a couple times a day. It's still good and I have no qualms about using it, so judge me all you want, but she feels better afterwards, so it's doing the trick!

On Monday during the day, these people drove by our house and took pictures of it. It was so weird and I just happened to be looking out the window in the guest bedroom and saw them. I hope I'm in their pictures giving them a weird look. HAHA!

Also, Monday night, I was getting M ready for bed and I was getting her washcloths out of the tub and I moved the shower door a little bit, where Makayla was holding on, and then she started to move it some more and then BAM! with the crying. She rolled the shower door over her right thumb. It was really sad, but she only cried for a few seconds and as soon as I grabbed her, she was cool. I felt horrible, though. She has a little cut on there now. For sad.


Ever since Saturday, Makayla has been standing on her own more and more! She doesn't always do it and she really likes to have something next to her to grab onto in case she gets scared (she's cautious, just like her Mama), but she's so getting there! And today I finally got to get a picture! Yay! I was so excited! And since yesterday, she's REALLY been doing it a lot!!!!! 

And then today....TWICE she took one tiny little step with one foot!!!!!!!! Dude!!!!! I am so excited for my baby to start walking, you have NO IDEA!! 

So that's where we're at right now. I'm not in a rush to make her hurry up and do it to 'beat out' someone else's kid or whatever, but I am just SO EXCITED!!!!!

Oh yeah, also on Saturday, my phone just randomly started shutting off. Weird. The battery was jacked. I took it to Verizon. They didn't have a battery, so I had to wait to get one sent to me. Got it today. My phone works again! Awesome!

That's our lives since Saturday. Sneezy. Coughy. Sickly. Wheezy. Standy. Brokey. And so much Awesomey. :)

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