23 February 2009

10 Things I Know I Am

10 Things I Know I Am
Have you ever noticed how much of the time we tend
 to define ourselves by what we're not?  Sometimes we
need to stop to consider what we are.  So here are
some things to consider when you start defining
yourself in a positive way.

1. I am a favored 
child of God.  His love has
endowed me with worth, value and significance before
I took my first breath.  As a follower of Jesus
Christ, I am totally forgiven with no condemnation,
 guilt, nor shame.  My past is forgiven.  My future
is secure, and I am learning to savor the sacredness
of this here-and-now moment.  
2. I am loved and I have everything I will ever
need. God has promised to supply all of my needs
according to His riches and glory.  Not on the basis
of my performance, but on the foundation of His love
 and grace and the fact that He never makes a promise
that He doesn't keep.
3. I am a growing, intelligent person with a great
God-sized future.  I never trade sameness and
comfort for growth and change.  I'm here for a
reason and I live that purpose out everyday as I
 accept the challenges to change, to stretch and to
trust God more.
4. I am a positive, faith filled person, who sees
the potential even when others wring theirs hands
with fear and doubt.  I am the person in my company,
group, or family who can see the benefits and
blessing of every difficult moment and situation.
 5. I am a person of integrity and character to whom
others look for leadership when a tough decision has
to be made. I have built a reputation for doing the
right thing in the right way, at the right time, for
the right purpose. 

6. I am a person with creative, innovative ideas and
solutions worthy of being heard and acted upon.
7. I am the first to laugh at myself and not take
myself too seriously.  I work hard, but I make sure
that I have fun and stay focused no matter how crazy
things get around me.
8. I am a lover of truth, beauty, 
love and honor.  I
see these epic qualities all around me and I seek to
bring them out in myself and the others I work with.
9. I am a dreamer and a doer of dreams, never
forsaking the one for the other.

10. I am trusting God each and every day and
accepting His invitation into a bold, new future as
I break faith with the old things that are passing
away and embrace the 
new mercies that are mine each
and every day.  Trusting God is not something I have
 to do, it is something I love doing.  He never
disappoints and in the act of trusting Him, not only
do I experience something I've never known, but I've
become a person I could never have become.


the Shipe's said...

hey girl, I'm glad you are doing well! I hope you don't mind I found your blog. Hope things continue to go well for you guys. It is so awesome God is working so much in your life! Congrats

the Shipe's said...

Things are going really well with the pregnancy. Well... except that I'm super uncomfortable, but I think that comes with the territory. Any day now & he'll be here. I've been counting down the days for too long & now it feels like I'm past my due date. lol

As far as friendship goes, we all make mistakes. I made a lot too. It's the way we learn & grow. Thankfully we can forgive & move on, right? hehe.

Have a great day!