25 February 2009

Today Is Here

Well, here we are. 

14 months old.

I still can't believe it. 
It's mind boggling, really.

Yesterday, Daddy brought me home a $100 gift card to Target. He's awesome, we know. So where did we go today? Target, of course! He said I could spend it on whatever I wanted and not worry about anything. So that's exactly what I did.

There's this fridge magnet set with barnyard animals that I've been eyeing for quite some time now and it's kind of expensive for all the things it doesn't really do, but I always thought it'd be really nice for Makayla to have something to play with while I'm in the kitchen (which isn't very much, but that's because she doesn't like when I'm not on the floor with her). So I bought that. She hasn't played with it yet because we were upstairs until her bed time and fridge=downstairs. Duh.

Which brings me to what I bought next...I've had this small Rubbermaid thing that I put all of Makayla's stuff in...like the tags from the hospital, the name thing that goes on the bassinet at the hospital, my pregnancy journals, the hat she wore at the hospital, the shirts she wore, every single paper I've ever gotten on her from her doc appts., her social security card, her birth certificate....you get the idea. Anyway, I keep everything together because I'm organized like that. So it was really small. And we have a newspaper from the day she was born and her First Year Calendar and her baby book and another journal...

My point is, the one I had was far too small for every piece of memorabilia we have for her, so I bought a larger one. With a pink lid. It's swell. So we were upstairs putting everything in there. And now I have an empty smaller Rubbermaid. Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but I know I can figure something out!

I also bought a new sweater for myself. I don't really have any long sleeve or warm clothes besides hoodies and I'm going to Ohio on Saturday, so I figured I need something! I found one. Bought a pair of flip flops, too. They're black. I know I can't use those in Ohio, but I still needed them, so there's that. And another pair of slippers. I'm addicted, I think. I always buy some! And then when I wash them, they start falling apart, so I have to throw them away. It's a vicious cycle, I believe. Ah well, now I have a new pair. I think I will just wash my feet every time before I put them on, that way they won't get dirty! Yeah!

I got some other stuff, too. Like some dinner stuff, some juice for M, some...yeah, I think that's about it. I still have 16 bucks to spend, too. 

My cable isn't working right now, which I'm pretty bummed about because one of my favorite shows is on right now and Makayla is napping and I normally crochet and watch my show while she sleeps. For sad.


The Bardwells said...

Thanks for the comments! Audrey doesn't mind her eye patch which is good...it sure is cute! Her bald spot seems to be kinda starting to grow back...which is also good! haha. :) Glad you guys are doing well!!!

Mama Kalila said...

Sounds like fun! I love getting gift cards lol. Your daughter is adorable btw.. (and it does go by so fast... is crazy how fast) I followed you over from your comment on Cakerwakers... I can't believe someone did that anonymously...