31 January 2009

Window Seat!

So yesterday, Janelle and I made the window seat for Makayla's room. I am so frackin' happy with it! It looks better than I ever could have imagined! And now her room finally looks complete!!! Although we still need to finish painting and then hang everything on the walls, but it just makes the room look so much better. Here's some pics from our awesomeness.

I'm pretty happy with the new seat!

Our sweet little family.

I'm not sure what Makayla's doing, but she's still the cutest baby girl ever!!!

Laying on the couch before our antics.

She loves her monkey and kisses him all the time!!

Me, Makayla and Janelle with the finished product! It looks better than I ever imagined!!

She especially likes the brown dots.

Oh yeah, I made that pillow, too. I know, I have all kinds of talents, right? 

Makayla loves her new place to play!

My reaction after we put it in the window.


The Gerster Family said...

That looks great! I can't wait until we get our new house to do great, creative projects like this. Mia's room definitely needs some TLC

Becks said...

Sweet job!!! Looks fabulous! I love that pillow!! I wanna make one too!!