02 February 2009

Just Things

I deleted my MySpace yesterday. I got so sick of it. There are just so many things that lure me into being on the internet all day long and I'm tired of it. So hopefully that will help with me not being on here so much.

Right now, Adam and Makayla are out. He came home from work and after making dinner (yes, he is fabulous, I know!), he told me he was taking Makayla out until her bedtime. My husband is so wonderful like that. I can't even remember the last time I was in my house by myself. It's been a long, long while. It's very peaceful and nice. I miss my yelling baby, though. 

She's such a sweetie pie. We've given up the after dinner boob...on January 31st. I'm a little sad, but it's nice to know that not too long from now, I'll be having my boob freedom back. Yay! So we are just down to her nursing at lunchtime. Breakfast and dinner she gets whole milk. And she gobbles it up, too!

Makayla's top two teeth are still coming in. They're not fully here, yet, but soon! They've broken through the skin, so that's fun. At least the hard part's over...for now.

There hasn't really been a whole lot of new stuff going on. I just like to get on here and write sometimes and since I don't really want to start any new projects in these few moments while Adam's gone, I figured I'd post a lil update. Not much. HA! But, speaking of new projects, I really want to start scrapbooking again. I haven't done it in a while...I made a pregnancy scrapbook and I absolutely l-o-v-e it!! But since then, I haven't really done anything. I haven't even started Makayla's yet. I did start one on Shutterfly for her, though, so there's always that. I'm also crocheting a blanket for our living room, which I think I mentioned before. I need to take a picture of it and post it on here. But since I gave up MySpace (for good! I'm NEVER going back again!!), I'll have some more free time. Oh yeah, I'm also starting up a new Bible study. I found this great little gem of a book at the Family Christian Store called Hold You, Mommy. It's really sweet and awesome. I just started it today, but it's really short devotionals for the busy Mom, which I totally am!! I also have a few little side projects I need to start working on, too. I am going to put all of Makayla's 6 month and 1 year pictures into frames to hang on the wall. I just always feel like I don't have time! But, I will once I actually start making the time, I guess. At least for short, small projects. So here's to that!

Also, I've been thinking about what I want for my birthday and it's this little gem...

A Nikon D60!! Circuit City is going out of a business and they are doing a mad sale and I so want one of these bad boys! If it goes down low enough, Adam said he'll get it for me for my birthday...which is exactly 3 months from today! Wahoo! And then I'd like to start a 365 day project, where you take a photo of you each day for 365 days. Sounds like a great way to tap into my creative juices and I adore taking photos of anything and everything, so I'm pretty pumped!!! That's all for now, folks!

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