28 January 2009

A Day In The Life

Of me and Makayla, that is. I have been wanting to do this for some time now...not to brag...just to have it for my records.

Our schedule on a daily basis...

Usually Makayla wakes up around 7:30am...there is the occasional 8:30am wake up, which is always awesome, but for all intents and purposes, we'll stick with the 7:30 wake up. (It's the norm.)

7:30am-Little Mrs. wakes up. She cries every morning when she wakes up until I go and get her. 

8:00am-Mama feeds Makayla breakfast...usually half a waffle and some sort of fruit. It used to be barley cereal mixed with baby food fruit, but we're past that stage now. Also some Cheerios as an appetizer while Mommy gets breakfast ready. She also drinks just whole milk for breakfast...no bustacular in the am anymore.

8:30ish-Breakfast is over and it's snuggle time with Mommy. We've replaced the nursing with snuggling. It doesn't last long, but whenever it does, it is a sweet, sweet time. She always sucks her left thumb and rests her head on my right shoulder, while sticking her right hand down my shirt. It's a beautiful thing, really.

8:30-9:30am-Play time! We play on the floor together and I talk to her about every little toy she has, whatever she has discovered, what she's doing, what we will do later on in the day, etc., etc., etc.

9:30am-Nap time!! Before nap time, I change/check her diaper, plug in her humidifier (it's the new sound machine), read her a story, rock her for 30 seconds (she usually cries if it's any longer than that) and then lay her in her crib on her back. She immediately sucks her thumb and rolls over as soon as she hits the mattress. 

10:30-11:00-Wake up from nap time. She also cries here, too. It's the usual.

11:00am-Morning snack. This normally consists of any combination of the following food items, but is not limited to: dried yogurt bites, dried fruit bites, Cheerios, Gerber Puff thingys (the toddler ones) and a juice cup. We dilute her juice so it's more like water. We put no more than 1/8 cup juice in her 9 oz. cup and the rest is water. She enjoys the juice the most.
11:30ish-Snack time is over and if we have any errands to run during the day, this is the time we do them. We may also have a little playdate during this time or go for a leisurely stroll. Usually it's errand time before lunch, though.

12:30pm-Lunch time! Before she started boycotting vegetables, this is where she'd eat the most veggies, but since that's gone out the window, the new thing is to try to figure out what she wants to eat and give her that. Lately it's been Cheerios and blueberries and maybe some chicken. Oh and some cheese. She loves her some cheese! She used to love green beans, peas and carrots and would gobble them up, but now that she's a toddler, she's realizing she doesn't have to eat that crap. But the usual is some veggies, then fruit, maybe some pasta or chicken and then some Cheerios at the end. She still gets the boob full force at lunchtime.

1:15ish-More playtime! We normally take our walks in the afternoon and if she's fussy, this will be one of the times we will go. Also another great time for playdates...before her second nap, to wear her out real nice. :)

2:30pm-Second nap time! Same as the first...if she's wearing jeans that day, I will change her pants into some nice stretchy ones because who really wants to sleep in jeans, am I right?

3:30-4:30ish-Wake up from second nap! We've been lucky for the past few weeks that her second nap has been going really great! There was a time when my child would not sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time during nap times and now here we are...glorious!!

Usually 4:00pm-Second snack time! Any of the above snack type items will be used during this time as well. Followed by another juice cup.

4:30pm-Daddy's home! And it's at the perfect time, too! It's so wonderful for him to finally be home...we play with Daddy up until....

5:30pm-Dinner time! Usually some variation of lunch time is put here, as well. We're not very creative with the eating, but she is was good at it, so I'm not worried. She also gets a small amount of whole milk with dinner. Then it's boob time after that. For a short period.

6:15ish-More play time...we may or may not run to the store, pick up a movie, get groceries or do anything else that we want Daddy to be involved in during the time before bed. It all goes here...you get the picture.

7:15pm-Bath time before bed time! Daddy is in charge of the bath time...when Makayla was born, he said that he wanted bath time to be his time with just her and I have gladly obliged. Whenever Adam isn't here, we usually skip bath time and just go straight to bed, but sometimes I will give the occasional bath. I'm not the fan of the bath, though. It's hard in our bathroom...anyway. Daddy washes her every other day and rinses her on the off days...she gets her hair washed once a week...Sundays. Unless it is otherwise dirty, which it normally isn't, so Sundays it is. While Adam is bathing her, I get her room all ready...turn on the humidifier, turn on the night light, make sure her Wooby is in the right place in her crib, lay out her jammies and diaper and put her toothbrush out.

After bath-I get Makayla out of the tub and take her in her room to dry her off. Adam comes in and gives her a baby massage with some sweet smelling baby lotion. We get her diaper on, put her jammies on, clean out her ears (if there was a chance water got in there) and brush her hair. Then comes the fun part....the teeth brushing. She's not a big fan. She used to be when we first started brushing her gums, but now that she has teeth and is getting new ones, she doesn't like it. We have a teeth brushing song, too. It's fun. So we sing the song while we brush her teeth...one of us usually has to end up holding her hands down because she always tries to tear the toothbrush out of her mouth. After we do a nice cleaning, we let her play with it and she loves to brush her own teeth! 

Then it's story time before bedtime. She really loves to read her books. She loves turning the pages and will always do it when you ask her to. It's adorable!! So, Daddy reads her a story and Mommy just sits back and relishes in the sweet Daddy/Daughter bonding moment. After Daddy's done, Mommy says goodnight and Daddy rocks her for 30 seconds before putting her in her crib.

7:30pm-Bed time! She goes straight to bed without a fuss. No crying, no hassle. Not a peep. Just right to bed and it is absolutely wonderful! It wasn't like that for a long time and I know some people think I didn't know what I was doing, but I obviously did, because here we are! It took a while and it may have taken longer than it should have, but she needed comfort and I gave it to her. I'm her Mommy, duh.

So there you have it...our routine. Hopefully when we have another child I can look back at this and get into a similar place with that babe. And NO, I am NOT pregnant. Just speculating about the future.

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Becks said...

That sounds very much like our routine over here just minus the boob..oh and she only has one nap..but very similar!

Good job momma!