23 January 2009


So here we are...at picture time. I know it's been a while since I've posted any pictures on here, but I have an almost 13 month old climbing all over me at the moment, so it's rather difficult to get on here and update. And once I do have the moment, I'm at a loss for words. So here we go with the pictures. Most of them are from her birthday party. No commentary today. Only pictures.

One other thing...Makayla seems to be getting her top two middle teeth. It's been a fun few days...she started to get them on January 21st. Or at least that is when I first saw those gleaming specks of white. She's been a cranky one. She didn't want to eat anything today. That was fun. Her Uncle Paul is here visiting until Sunday. We've been busy this month!! But always happy!! :)


Michelle said...

Yaye!! I love all the pictures :) I have some news! Sam got accepted into palace chase (sp?) so he's going reserves until he finishes his nursing degree. Which means, he'll be coming back to TX with me and we'll just stay here for two years until he graduates, but that means I will probably never be back in CA :( He'll be home in May so I'm excited about that.

Are you growing your hair back out? I want mine long again. Oh and I love her cuffed jeans :) Samantha wears all of her pants like that too. Aren't one year olds so much fun?

Kylianasmom said...

Looks like a great party. Makayla is beautiful!

Becks said...

So So So So So ADORABLE! Love to see pics of her and you!