21 January 2009

Makayla and Milestones-21 January 2009

Every time I lift up your arm to tickle you, you put your left hand in your mouth and bite it. It is oh so adorable, but I don't want you hurting yourself!

Also, when the nurse took your temperature at your 12 month check up (under your arm), you bit your hand so hard, you left two little teeth marks in it. :(

You giggle at everything.
You absolutely adore your stroller and doll baby that Nana bought you. It's all you ever want to play with when you're awake. You just want to walk around behind it all over the house. 

You've been taking a lot better naps for a few months now. And the last two days, they have been two hours or longer. Glorious!

You love to talk and babble all the time. As of this moment, you say hot, I did it, Nana, Mama, Dada, uh oh and hey. They're all adorable.

You love to go into my makeup drawer and pull out all of my makeup and play with it. 

You love handing anything you have to me or to anyone that will take it. And then when someone takes it, you immediately want it back.

I am your security blanket. Whenever you're scared, nervous, anxious, tired or just plain bored, you crawl over to me and stick your right hand down my shirt and suck your left thumb. I'm beginning to think we're going to need to change this process before Mama and Dada have another baby...

You can stand on your own...sometimes. You don't really know that you're doing it, but you do! And then when you start to wobble a little bit, I'm right there to catch you or you just grab right on.

You do not turn down any foods we give you, unless it's baby food. You want nothing to do with that stuff anymore and I don't blame you! Until January 23rd, that is! You went on an eating strike...

The day after your birthday party, though, when we tried to give you lunch, you put your food in your mouth and then put your fingers in there, took it out and threw it on the floor! With every single bite. We're back on track again now.

I'm pretty sure you're starting to get your top two middle teeth. I saw two little specks poking out this morning. I'm excited!

For the past two days you haven't been wanting to eat any food...today you even just played in it the whole time...I'm thinking it's because you're getting new teeth. I hope it doesn't last forever...

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