17 January 2009

Sad Day

My mama left today. It sucks.
I had a blast having her here to hang out with me and Makayla. It was so much fun! 
We went to the zoo one day...had M's birthday party...did a lot of shopping. 
And now she's back in Ohio...well she's on the plane heading back there. I don't know when we plan on going back home again, so I'm not sure when we'll get to see her again and it makes me super sad. 

Makayla's pretty sad, too. She's been really mad today and I think it's because she knows her Nana's not coming back for a while. Boo.

So, I've got some laundry to do now...I changed all the sheets on all the beds this afternoon. I gotta clean all the toilets. And this Wednesday night, Adam's brother is coming to visit us, too. So I've got four days to clean the house before we have guests again. And our kitchen is dirty again. When my mom was here, it was clean the whole time. I hate doing dishes. I really hate cleaning anything lately.

Oh yeah, this past Monday, I found a Wii Fit and it is AWESOME! I've been doing it every morning except this morning because I took my mom to the airport and didn't have any time, but I will be doing it tonight after Makayla goes to bed! But it is so fun! It doesn't even feel like you're working out! And I already lost almost 4 lbs.! Yeah!!

I promise I'll upload pics someday. :)

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