01 December 2008


Has been a rough day, to say the least.
I'm sure some evil people out there who are wishing these days upon me and I'm sure they're happy that it's coming true.
But alas, I am not.

Today sucked.
Makayla has been crying all day long, which is not really out of the ordinary, but I think most days I can pretty much handle a large dose of crying, but man oh man, today really sucked.

She just kept crying and even if I held her or not, she was crying. Luckily, she did take two nice long naps, so that was pretty peaceful.

And then Adam was the wonderfully amazing husband he is and took Makayla out, so they're gone right now and I have the whole house to myself! I think I'm gonna go start Makayla's scrapbook, since I can never do that when she's here. She just screams the whole time...in case you didn't get that part. :)

Other than all that jazz, we went on a walk today and M went in the baby swing. Yesterday we tried to put her in the baby swing and she hated it! Today she loved it again! She gets so smiley when we put her in there...it's awesome!

I am starting my weight loss plan (again!) today. I'm getting sick of looking at myself in the mirror. I should have lost all this weight a long time ago, but instead I just started gaining it all back again and I'm not happy with myself and where I'm at. So here we go again.

I know I can do it, I just have to stick with it and not cave into the In N Out or Taco Bell or Arby's, etc. You get the idea. And no more going out to lunch with friends. For sad, but it must be stopped. The madness, that is.

Here's to a new me! And to vitality! That one's for you, Janet. :)


amanda said...

sorry it's been a hard day.

here's hoping tomorrow is much better - for both of you!!

The Gerster Family said...

You can do it! I'm sure you don't have much to lose, and once you and your body gets used to the "losing wait" thing, you will be able to go out with your friends and still not break your goals. You got it! I'm chearing you on!

The Bardwells said...

Ahhhhhhh...screaming babies kinda suck! hahaha. Hang in there and by the way...I am so jealous that you found your motivation to exercise! I am still looking for mine. =)

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bad day. I've had and still have my share of them. I'm so frustrated with Samantha right now. She drinks out of a cup, but not milk and she wants a milk bottle to sleep and daycare won't give her one. I'm a my wits end with this kid.