30 November 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Items of Noteworthyness

So, on Thursday, we celebrated Makayla's first ever Thanksgiving.
She loved it. Of course, she was napping during the actual eating part, which was kinda good since I could then enjoy my meal in peace and actually have a conversation with my husband!
And when she woke from her slumber, she chowed down on some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.
I'm telling you, she went to town!

Of course, I have pictures, but not right now.

Other news...we put up our Christmas decorations, so that's fun. We didn't put up a whole lot because we don't really have a lot of surface area for many decs in this house, so we're dealing with what we've got and it looks cute and Christmas-y, so there.

A couple days before Thanksgiving, we got our house sprayed for disgusting bugs and ants and that's been awesome! They're all gone, so that's cool.

Makayla news...she likes to bite now. No, no wait. She LOVES to bite.
Anything and anyone. And she has bitten me on many occasions already. I guess she's trying out those new pearly whites. And I do think she is getting some teeth on top, too!!

Also, we've been sick for over a week now. Me and Makayla. Adam hasn't had the pleasure of getting sick yet, so we'll see how that works out for him. As for me and the sickness, it sucks. I can't sleep. I hate eating anything, which may be good for my weight loss goal. HAHA! 
Makayla has been doing exceptionally well with the sleeping for being all stuffy nosed and boogery, though, so that's awesome. She's only been getting up once a night for her nightly feeding, which we are going to be cutting out here very, very soon.

Have I mentioned I'm ready to be done breastfeeding? Because I AM.

Also, Saturday, we went Christmas shopping for everyone and their mama. We got everyone done, except each other and Makayla. M is almost done, but we got all the crap we have to send out to people done, so that's nice. Now we just have to wrap it all and get it in boxes and find time to actually send it!

Things are hard to accomplish with an 11 month old that won't let you put her down, not even for two seconds so you can get a glass of water. She screams bloody murder before her booty even touches the floor, so that's fun. I think she's just ultra clingy right now, what with the teething (finally!) and the sickly and the not napping crap.

Yesterday was the first day she only took one nap all day long. It was a pretty good day, but I think that's because we were out and about allll day, so she had stuff to look at and do and play with, etc. Usually we're just sitting at home and I'm sure that gets pretty boring for an 11 month old on the go. And then her one and only nap was just one short hour.

It was funny, too, because Adam said something along the lines of, When is she going to be taking just one nap during the day? To which I said, I'm not sure, but I like two naps, because when else would I take a shower other than her first nap in the morning? And then BAM! She only naps once. Sucktastic.

But today, we're back on our two nap schedule. We didn't go to church today because I'm feeling suckalicious and I didn't want Makayla to get any of the other babies sick in the nursery. I'm nice like that.

And now I'm off to spend some precious moments with my husband before the beast awakens again. I kid, I kid.

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