10 December 2008

Lovely Morning

This morning Makayla woke up at 7:30ish and she cried and then calmed down and on and on this went for quite some time...

I went and checked on her around 10 minutes after she started and she wasn't standing up yet, which she always is when I go get her. So I left her in there.

She did this until 8:00 am!! I was astounded and soooo happy! I got a few little things done and then I went to check on her again and she was still laying down, but this time I was already in her room, so she saw me and shot up and started crying! My baby knows what she wants!

So then we cuddled in our chair for a while like we do every morning. She rests her sweet little head on my shoulder and sucks her thumb, but has no intention of going back to sleep. It's just nice to be in Mama's arms, I guess. :)

We came downstairs, made breakfast and during breakfast, she was giggling and laughing and chewing on her plate! It was so adorable!

She loves when I say "Mmmmmm!!!". She will laugh and laugh and do this really big open mouth grin thing. It's so sweet.

So we did that for a while, then I gave her the boob and we played upstairs for a while. I chased her around and she just laughed and laughed and kept crawling away from me as fast as she could!

We came back downstairs and she loves to play under our stairs because there's this cute little nook type thing under there. So she always goes and plays under there. Well, I sneezed and she thought it was the funniest thing she has ever heard because she let out the sweetest and loudest and most adorable belly laugh I have ever heard! And so I kept pretend sneezing and she kept doing the same thing over and over again. It was glorious.

It has been an absolutely amazing morning and I really hope the rest of the day continues as such. M is down for a nap right now and I am going to get some cleaning done, since it's been a while...ahem.

This is truly what motherhood is all about. This very morning.

Ah, bliss. ♥

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Becks said...

Those are the best days ever!! So glad you had a fantastic morning!! Love our little girls!