08 December 2008

December 8th, Really?

It seriously does not seem like Christmas is right around the corner. Which also means Makayla's first birthday is right around the corner, but who's keeping track, right?

So anyway, it really doesn't feel like Christmas this year. Maybe it's because we only have our mantel decorated. Maybe it's because we still have boxes in the garage that has our stuff in them. Maybe it's because my house still is not done being remodeled yet. Maybe it's because there is no snow. Maybe it's because there is no rain. Maybe it's a combination of all of the above.

Either way, it just doesn't feel like the Christmas season. Our tree isn't even decorated yet. It's just a little tree. A fake tree. But it's not decorated. And that's sad. But alas, one day we will get around to it, I'm sure. Maybe the day after Christmas? I kid, I kid.

Today is a gloomy day. It's lovely. We have some errands to run. Maybe stop at the library. Makayla doesn't like to be in our house for some reason. She usually just screams all day long, until we go somewhere. And then she's cool.

I gained 1 lb. this week. That really sucks, but I'm sure it's from all the crap I ate this weekend. Adam was at his UTA weekend, so I didn't cook. Not even once. Not even microwaving anything. I'm cool like that, I know.

Do you know what I hate? Makayla's name is always underlined in red when I write my blogs, because it's not in spell check. How lame is that? It's the only way to spell Makayla, people!

Makayla's been sleeping through the night since December 1st and I am so very, very happy. Finally the day has come! And it's double nice because that means I don't have to wean her from that middle of the night feeding. She did it herself! And I know she doesn't need it anymore and Lord knows I am so ready to be done breastfeeding!! Did I already mention that a few times on here? My bad...

I hope I didn't just jinx our awesome bedtime and sleeping through the night routine. I think I talk about it too much because yesterday, during her second naptime, she cried for an entire hour before going to sleep. And right now? Yeah, she's crying. It's been a while since she cried before naptime. So that's weird. Oh well. We'll get through it.


Becks said...

Sending you Christmasy vibes!!

yaya for Makayla sleeping thru the night!! I dont want to jinx myself either but so is Sophia! Doing a party dance as I write this...there shall be no jinxing!! Lets enjoy the rest while we can cause Lord knows it could end at any moment, haha!

Peace out sista

amanda said...

congrats on the sleeping through the night!! that is huge :)

how about i mail you some snow??