16 December 2008

Great Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend this weekend.
I mean, it was amazing.

Friday night, we had girl's night at Rachel's house and it was just soooooo much fun! We hung out, ate a lot of food, made smores, had a fire, watched The Office and just chatted it up. It was such a blast!!

Saturday, Janelle and I hung out all day while the boys played their games. We ate lunch at Arby's, came back home for Makayla's nap and went out later and found me a shirt for Adam's squadron Christmas party this coming Friday. It's such a pretty shirt and later, I can wear it with jeans, so that's nice!

Then later Saturday night, after Makayla went to bed, Janet came over and man, was it fun!! We just talked and talked and laughed and laughed. It was such a blast!!! 

And Sunday, we went to church. Adam had worship practice, so I went to Panda and brought it home, fed M and hung out at home, waiting for Adam to be done. Then we pretty much just chilled for the rest of the day. It was a really nice weekend.

This week is already so busy! Yesterday Adam had his chiropractor appointment after work, so he ate dinner on the fly. Tonight we have our membership/small group and Adam has to work a little late, so it'll be eat and run right when he gets home. Tomorrow is the Vision Christmas Party and we are making a chocolate ball for that and have to purchase all the prize gifts, too. Thursday Adam gets to get off an hour early since he has to work late tonight, so hopefully we'll get to go to Lowe's and Home Depot and get some stuff we need for the house. 

We desperately need a fireplace door set thingy because our fireplace still has plastic and masking tape on it and it's really, really cold downstairs.

Friday is Adam's squadron Christmas party, so Rusty and Janelle are baby sitting Makayla for us that night, which is awesome!!! Saturday Stephanie and Craig are having a party at their house and I'm pretty sure we're going there for at least a little bit, but it's pretty late and M has to go to bed, so we'll see. And then it's Sunday again!!

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by and there's only 9 more days until Makayla turns 1!!!! So crazy!! I've still got a lot of wrapping to do for Makayla and Adam. We only have one more package to send out and then we're finished with everyone back in Ohio and Virginia. Then we have to focus on us! :D

Busy week and season. I don't see it stopping any time soon, either. And I'm okay with that.

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