18 December 2008

Super Day!!

I've just got one tiny little thing to report on this day....

Makayla said her first word!!! Other than Mama and Dada, of course because what kid doesn't say that like every second of every day.

So anyway, she started saying hot today!! And she would point to anything and everything and say hot, hot, hot, hot over and over again. And let me tell you, that is one precious sight to see!!

I am so proud of my baby girl, it's unreal!! Oh and today marks her 11 month and 3 week old birthday, which means next Thursday she will in fact be ONE YEAR OLD!! I cannot believe it! I am so happy and sad at the same time. She's babbling away in her crib right now while she should be sleeping. Ah well.

So my child speaks. And so it begins. :)

P.S. We got it on video, too. So that rocks.


The Gerster Family said...

WOW! I am perpetually amazed at how much our babies are learning in these months before the one year mark! I bet you never thought "hot" would be so adorable, huh? You should definitely post the video...I would love to see it.

Do you have anything planned for her birthday?

Becks said...

Hooray for Makayla!! That's so hot...that she says hot! (hahaha I tried to be funny but failed miserably)

I can't believe she will be one in a week! So much good stuff going on I tell ya!

Merry Christmas and Happy First Birthday Makayala!!!