21 November 2008

Weekly Update

So far, this week has been rather good.
I've started working out.
And I've stuck with it, even though every day, I think, I don't want to go for a walk. But then I come back and I'm refreshed and Makayla had an excellent time, so all is well.

Speaking of, she took a gloriously long nap yesterday afternoon. 1 1/2 hours!!! Yay!

But then this morning, after our walk, I put her down at 10 am and it's 10:50 am and she just now fell asleep. Bah! Kids are so unpredictable, huh? The joys of motherhood....

Also, went grocery shopping yesterday. Got some errands done. I'm on top of it this week and not to mention I feel sooooo good! I was a little discouraged this morning, but I'm back on my game again, so not to worry!!

I'm gonna lose this weight after all! And Makayla's gonna sleep so I can watch Grey's after all! ;)


Becks said...

Sounds like a good day!

I fell asleep before Grey's and missed it blah I forgot to PVR it. oopsie! Im so tired at the end of the days lately.

The Gerster Family said...

yay for workouts! Good job with stickin to it!