18 November 2008

Oh Boy!

I just got done working out for the first time in a very loooooooong time.
I have finally, finally, finally realized that it is time for me to get into shape!!

I've never really been in shape per se, but this is the heaviest I've been except for when I was pregnant, but that doesn't count, because I do believe that you should be able to eat whatever and whenever you want while growing human beings. Just my philosophy. :)

So anyway, for a long time now, I've been unhappy with my weight.
But I'm also much too lazy to do anything about it.
I was taking Makayla on walks for a while in the morning, but this sun is just driving me crazy! I know some of you probably think I'm crazy for saying that, but I just want it to be cold outside and rainy and yucky! I wish it would snow, but I digress....

Back to the topic at hand...I'm out of shape.
I joined Weight Watchers again for the second time.
I lost 13 lbs. the first time, only to gain it all back when I went to Ohio. Bah.

So I am on a mission.
To lose weight.
And massive amounts of it.
And in this mission, I also want to get fit.

My big problem is that I'm not motivated.
And I have no time.
But I watched Real Simple, Real Life on TLC today (DVR'ed, what?) and they showed some really great workout moves that you don't need any equipment for and I can do them while Makayla is awake or while watching tv or whatev.

So I'm going to!
I really, really am!
And I'm going to TRY to eat better, too.
That's always been a struggle for me because I despise cooking with a passion.
Probably more than I despise working out, which is pretty hard to beat!

Anyway, I feel great!
I'm drinking lots of water right now and I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated!!
And I feel like I need a shower, which is where I'm going right now....

Yay for motivation and feeling good and losing weight! :D
(And for napping babies....)

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Becks said...

Girrrl I tell ya we need to be neighbors!

It is so hard to find time to excersice with a baby. I am going to try and work out in the evenings or while she naps. I know it will make me feel better all around!! Make me a better mommy. I am sick of feeling fat and lazy! Plus I wanna lose weight before getting fat again with baby #2!