10 November 2008


Today, Makayla clapped!!!
It's the first time she did it and I'm so proud!!
I was getting ready for us to go to In N Out for dinner and I was watching Makayla in the mirror and then all of a sudden, she put both hands together and clapped 5 or 6 times in a row!
It was totally awesome.
I've been waiting for her to do it for a long time now.
I always show her how to clap and I was just waiting for it to click and then today, it did!
It really, really did!

I got super excited and I screamed and then she cried because I don't think she realized what she did or that I was excited and not upset.
So then I felt bad, but she clapped!
Can you tell I'm excited? :)

Tonight before bedtime, I put on some tunes and we danced with Makayla. She loves to dance on her own all the time, while holding onto furniture or her stand up toy, so tonight we all danced together.

She had a blast and during the chorus, I would swing her around in a circle really fast and she giggled and giggled and giggled! I so wish we would have gotten it on video!! It was a perfect moment and totally reminded me what it's all about.

There are definitely hard times in Mommyhood, but the good times totally outweigh the bad. The good times make every hardship worth while. 
If I don't take a shower all day long, I don't care. I spent the day with my baby girl and she is happy and healthy and I have absolutely no complaints!
She brings so much joy and love to my life, it's unreal!

And she always puts herself to bed every single night. 
Such a blessing!
And the sweet, gloriously long naps that have come upon us....lovely!!!

I'm very happy and so is my baby girl.
Who is going to be 1 soon!
I can't believe it!!


The Gerster Family said...

How cute! We always clap for Mia, too, and are just waiting for the day when she claps back. We are still stuck on the cute way she waves to people! LOL

Becks said...

That is awesome! Sounds like things are fabulous! Dont ya love mommyhood!