09 November 2008

Beautiful Day

Today was a lovely day!
It was nice and cool outside...not too cold, but definitely not hot like it's been lately. 
Loved it!

Also got to hang out with Janelle today. That was super fun!
Went shopping and hung out at my house while Makayla took a nap.
She took two 1 1/2 hour naps today! Heavenly!
I am so proud of her and I definitely hope she keeps it up!!
It took her a little bit longer to get to bed tonight though, because she got up from her 2nd nap at 5pm.
I've got to start scheduling things with friends better, though. We were out to dinner with Janet and the girls and it was kinda in between Makayla's dinner time and snack time, so I gave her a little snack and then fed her some more when we got home. It was all jacked up, but it still worked, so whatev.
Just gotta be more careful in the future because I like our schedule and I so totally love when M takes nice long naps like that! It means I can get stuff done without having a babe attached to my leg or I can veg with Adam (much like we did this morning, what?). It's nice.

In other news, her tooth is coming in mighty fine and Adam thinks he sees the one next to it poking through, too. She's not such a fan of when I try to stick my finger in there, so I'm not totally sure, but I guess we'll see!

She still gets up once a night and I feed her and put her right back down and she sleeps till 7 am every morning....a little too early for my tastes, but I deal. Dr. Pepper is my friend. :)

Bought two new adorable sweaters today! I love sweaters! I love fall and I'm so super de duper excited that this is Makayla's first fall! We are going to have so much fun and she's at such a great age right now...even though every age is awesome! I just love where she's at at this stage in her sweet little life...almost 1...trying to walk...growing teeth...smiling and belly laughing at everything...trying to wave....sleeping longer....it's glorious!

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Becks said...

Sounds like things are good!! Love the long naps! :) I also love fall weather and new sweaters!! We already had snow here....boo! Love the new blog header!