06 November 2008


Ever since Makayla was born, I have read stuff about how babies develop their personalities and while I have no reason to dispute that, I just thought that my baby wasn't developing her personality.

I thought she was just like every other baby. Did all the normal things that all other babies do. I didn't see anything that was her "personality" per se.

I'm uploading all of our pictures onto a website for backup purposes and in doing that, I have been looking over all her old photos. From when she was just a wee baby. Not this toddler that she's oddly turning into. Seriously, she's starting to smell like a toddler and that really makes me sad. Because well, let's face it, toddlers sort of stink. :)

So anyway, my point.

My little girl has always had a personality! It's been there from the beginning and I was just too blind by new motherhood and the haze that comes with that to notice!

She has sucked her thumb since she was 4 months old.
She has never liked getting her diaper changed.
She is just getting her first tooth at almost 10 1/2 months old.
She has always thought me and her daddy were the funniest people on the planet and that only gets more pronounced as the days go on.
She loves the boob and chops right on it the moment she sees that thing.
She hates sleeping in her crib. Always has. Always will. But we shall not ever, ever let her make a habit out of sleeping in our bed. No sir!
When she is crying and I pick her up, she immediately starts sucking her thumb and puts her hand down my shirt or in between my bustacular. She only does this with me.
She has always loved her stuffed animals and a good book. Now she just actually gets to play with them all.
She loves taking all her stuffed animals off the shelf and throwing them all over her floor. She also loves taking down her books and "reading" them.
She adores getting into her baskets that hold her clothes and taking her clothes/shoes/bibs/socks out and playing with them and then leaving them all over the floor, as well.
She really likes to feed herself a lot. And I'm running out of new ideas on what to feed her.
She is extremely, extremely opinionated and bullheaded. Sort of like someone else I know, ahem?
If you do something she doesn't like, she will most definitely throw her head back in a fit of rage and then arch her back as far as she can and then scream.
She hates strangers. Or even our friends. She only wants Mommy or Daddy and I'm totally and completely okay with that. Except during nursery, but she seems to fare pretty well in there. Must be the toys....

All that to say that my child has a personality. And a very strong one if I do say so myself. 
She loves to laugh and play and sing and scream and talk and dance and snuggle and sleep (sometimes). She is awesome and she has been unique from the beginning. 
Just the way God made her.

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