14 October 2008


Just thought I'd give you something beautiful to look at today. She's a charmer, this one. And boy do we love her. :)

Happiest baby on the block, that's for sure!!

My adorable outfit.

And my other super adorable outfit, complete with matching shoes!!

Seriously people, how cute am I?!

Rockin' the jeans! On our way to the pumpkin patch!

Bath time with Daddy!

Playing with bowls is fun!

Mommy's favorite face that I make.

My prettiest dress ever from Grandma!

I stand up like a big girl now!! P.S. Check out Mommy's new rug! Sweet, huh?

Lounging in her awesome beach chair.

Mommy and me.

I love getting into trouble!

Cheerios! Yum yum!

Such the big girl, huh?


The Gerster Family said...

cute, cute, CUTE! She is getting to be such a big girl!

Becks said...

ADORABLE!! I missed that little face!!! She is so stinkin cute I can hardly handle it! So glad to see pics! Love all her outfits and she is too cute..wait did I already say that?!! Give those chubby cheeks a kiss from me!

just jamie said...

Super cute one you have there!