13 October 2008

Awake at 3 am

Makayla just went back to sleep.
She woke up at 2 am.
Ever since we've started this cry it out thing, she's been waking every 3 hours. I feel like I have a newborn all over again and I don't know what to do about it!
Is she going to learn that she does NOT need to wake up every 3 hours?!
I only feed her once during the night now and that's not until 4 or 5, depending on when she wakes that evening/early, early morning.
Any advice you can give me would totally help.
Because I'm beat.
And Makayla is, too.


The Gerster Family said...

Does she sleep with a paci? I know that sometimes Mia wakes up in the night, but she is just fussing around trying to find her paci. If I just put her paci in and maybe place my hands on her right away, she will settle back into sleep. Also, sometimes I notice she is just waking up because she is cold. I can usually just tuck her in real tight (like I did when she was an infant) and it will make her cozy enough to go back to sleep.

Oh! Another thing I've tried is putting Mia to bed just a little later, or not letting her have as long of naps. That way she is really exhausted for the night time.

Christy said...

We let Porgie cry-it-out, and it only take her about a week to start sleeping through the night. I really need to do the cry-it-out thing with Izzy too, but he just keeps getting sick.