09 October 2008

9 Months Well Baby...

Well, we're a little late in getting Makayla to her 9 month well baby check up. We had some insurance issues we had to iron out and then we had to find a pediatrician because we no longer need to take her on base! Praise the Lord for that one! 

So anyway, we took her today. 
She got 3 shots.
3 different Band-Aids.
2 on one leg.
1 on the other.
Sad little girl.
I nursed her right after so she'd calm down and she's been oh so tired lately (what with all the CIO going on around here...) that she fell asleep on the boob right away.
And then I took her to the car, put her in her car seat and she was out as soon as the car started.
So sweet!!!

She is 18 lbs. 13 oz. Exactly 11 lbs. more than she was when she was born.
Also she's 28 3/4 in. long.

The doc told us she is perfect (which we already knew!!).
He is amazing, this new pediatrician.
I think I'm in love with him.
He asked us 4 times during our appointment if we had any other questions!! I am so not used to that! Usually military doctors are like, "She's not dying? It's a good day then! See ya next time!!" 
Not exaggerating either....

Then he told us that she is very much advanced for her age.
Which we also already knew, but it's very nice to hear it from someone who is not biased. :)

We are such proud parents.
She is such a wonderful baby and we cherish every single moment with her.
Except maybe the ones where she's not sleeping when she's supposed to be.
Okay, okay, even those are precious...sometimes.

Our awesome new pediatrician also told us that she can start eating table foods! Yay!
I mean, she's been eating Cheerios and those Gerber Puff Thingys (technical term...), but no real foods, like veggies or anything.
So we started giving her real peas today.
And man did she rock that crap or what?!?!?!
She chowed on those bad boys like they were going out of style! For reals!!
It was so adorable to watch!
We would give her 5 or 6 and she'd chomp 'em down and then we'd give her more and she'd chomp 'em and on and on it went.
So cute!!

And of course I have pictures, but I'm too lazy to put them on here right now and she's trying to stand on this super fun house toy thingy (another technical term...) that Adam's commander gave us, so I'm going to go play with my super advanced, totally smart, adorably awesome, perfect baby in the world, little girl!!!!

P.S. Last night, we put her in 12 month pjs and when we put her to bed and she was laying there sleeping, she looked like such a big girl! I mean, she really looked like a toddler, not a baby! I can't believe in less than 3 months my little girl will be 1 year old! Ahhhh! Where did the time go, seriously?!


The Gerster Family said...

Way to go Maykayla! Mia is eatting some real food too, and she loves it. I have fed her beans, and she makes the most adorable "I don't like this" face ever!

Becks said...

Awee she is so adorable and so cute and I miss seeing her lil face!!

I wish I had a good pediatrician. Mine is like your military Dr. Boooo!! Dont you love hearing they are perfect! Best feeling ever.

Where does the time go? I have a toddler not a baby anymore..so crazy!!

Speaking of which she is not going down for her nap and is crying in her crib...one of those days!!

Peace out

Becks said...

P.s. She weighs 1 oz more than Sophia! Sophia is a light weight and stressse me out!!

Anonymous said...

Those Gerber puffs are amazing!!! What's her favorite flavor??