20 September 2008


We're home!!!!!!

And so very, very happy about that! Makayla and I had a wonderful time in Ohio, but it was time to get back to California. We missed Daddy!! It has been great being home so far, even though our house still needs a lot of work. Makayla has been adjusting to the time change very well. She slept from 6pm-5am a couple nights ago and it was awesome!! She is such a wonderful baby!!

She crawls all over the place now. She loves to stand up and she pulls on everything to try to stand up. She's standing up in her crib now...we actually had to put the crib mattress down one notch today. I didn't think it was gonna be that sad, but it actually was!! She eats bananas and we are going to start her on some other fruits and veggies, too. I just need to get some actual rest in order to go to the store!!

I will upload some pictures when I'm not so tired, but I had a late night last night and I'm heading to bed right now. :)