24 September 2008

Sleeping Strike?

Makayla has conveniently decided that she no longer wants to sleep.


Every single time we put her in her crib, sleeping or not, she wakes up, rolls over, crawls to the side of her crib and stands up. What a big girl, right?!


She then proceeds to get pissed and since she doesn't know how to get back down, she just stands there and cries until one of us goes and gets her.


It is getting old, let me tell you. Last night I was up with her for over an hour....rocking her to sleep, putting her in her crib, her waking, rocking, putting, waking, rocking, putting, waking....

Over and over.

I just don't know what to do. She got up at 5:45 this morning and it is now 8:18 and she's screaming in her crib. At around 7ish, she was fussy and I knew she was tired, so I rocked her. 

She fell asleep. 
I put her in her crib.
She woke up.
She screamed bloody murder.

Do ya see the pattern yet?

The thing that I don't get is every time I go get her, as soon as she's in my arms, she stops crying. It's not like she keeps going on and on about it. She's done once I pick her up. 

What does this mean?!?!
And how do I break this ridiculous cycle?

Because I have a lot going on right now and I have needs too.
And none of them are getting met.
Like, um, sleeping, for instance.

Please help me.


Michelle said...

What helped me was putting a bottle (with just water) in her crib. When she would wake up she would find it and put herself back to sleep. Hope that helps.... she might be teething too. I know Sammy woke up alot at night with that. I would just give her Motrin before bed...not every night though. I hope that helps :)

Christy said...

I haven't been rocking Izzy. I go in, lay him down, and leave. Sometimes it will go on for an hour or two, but when he finally falls asleep, he sleeps for several hours.

Anonymous said...

You may not want to take advice from me, seeing as I have no kids, BUT I have babysat a lot of kids starting at infancy, and in all my years of babysitting, they usually just need to cry it out. If they get pampered by someone running and picking them up to sleep, they will never want to sleep on their own in the crib.
My neighbors I sit for used to cater to their son's every move, and he has become a HORRIBLY spoiled child.
They never let him cry it out and just sleep in the crib. I did it a few times, and he began sleeping just fine by himself. They never wanted him to play in the playpen, but they would complain about chasing him all over the house. My mom and I started just letting him play on his own in the playpen, and after a few times he can occupy himself perfectly fine in there!
I dunno, everyone is different, that's just what's worked for me.