01 October 2008

It Just Doesn't Stop!!!

Life, that is.
I feel like for the past two weeks that I've been home, I haven't stopped.
I haven't stopped moving, thinking, waiting, hoping, praying, moving.
Did I mention moving?
I honestly feel like I just have not sat down.
So weird, I know, but oh so true.

I'm just exhausted. 
Adam's exhausted.
Makayla's exhausted.
We're all tired.

Yet there's still more to do.

Our fireplace has been getting done the past two days.
Hopefully it'll be done tomorrow and I lurrrrrrve it!! (That means love, Mom.) :D

It's 9:40pm and Makayla didn't get in bed until almost 9 tonight after not having a nap since 4. Gah!

We had our church membership class tonight and we had to take Makayla with us because we don't have anyone that can babysit. We were blessed that Janet could do it last week, but she can't do it every week, so we have to figure something out....It was hard to have her there because either me or Adam had to be in the other room with her the whole time. I'm thinking about not going anymore, but Adam said I can't do that, so we'll have to pray for a babysitter to fall out of the sky!!

Today is the end of the fiscal year in the military so Adam's working till midnight. Then his Air National Guard is this weekend, so I'm gonna be home alone a lot. I was going to go with him to his Guard weekend, but I don't feel like packing me and Makayla up and all that jazz, so we're gonna stay put and wait for Daddy to get home!

Since today was the fiscal year end, Adam's squadron had a potluck thingy. It was fun. Got to chat it up with other moms there, so that was great. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one struggling with my baby not sleeping through the night yet.

Started reading Twilight a few days ago. Everyone talks about it so much, I figured I'd give it a try. Janet let me borrow hers. It's good, but I'm not hooked like everyone else has been. Wondering if there's something wrong with me...?

So since we had our membership class tonight, Makayla fell asleep in her car seat on the way home. Normally when I take her out of her seat, she wakes up and she's p.i.s.s.e.d. Today. Today, she stayed asleep. I'm pretty sure that's the first time that's ever happened! And she's still sleeping. In her clothes. Did I say that already?

I know this post is all over the place, but that's what my brain is doing right now.

Oh yeah! Best. News. Ever. !!!!!!

This girl, Roanne, that Adam used to be stationed with at Grand Forks AFB...her and her husband are PCSing to Travis AFB!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! She's super awesome and I'm totally juiced that I'll actually get to meet her!!! Like in real life and everything! We're pretty good friends on MySpace, but we've never actually met what with her being stationed in North Dakota and all...

So that pretty much made my day. Yay!!

I'm beat. Like a dog. Dead tired. So I'm going to bed.

Mommy, I'm still alive, but as you can see from the above post, I've been a little busy. And on top of that, after you called me tonight, my phone died. And it's almost 1am where you be, so I can't very well call you right now. I love you and I'll talk to you tomorrow! Muah!

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roanne said...

I got a shout out on your blog; YAY!!! LOL =) I cant wait either, I'm so excited!

Oh, and BTW, when we get there, I'll be more than happy to baby-sit for you guys! It'll give me my baby fix. LOL