04 October 2008

No Good Title

It rained yesterday!! I'm so happy!! I absolutely love fall.
It's probably my favorite season. I love that it's cool enough to wear warm clothes and bundle up under blankets when you're inside, but it's not frackin' freezing, like winter.
It's just so much fun!
And I love getting pumpkins and drinking warm drinks from Starbucks and going to Barnes and Noble to hang out.
I love the rain, mostly when I don't have to go anywhere, but it's still awesome when I do have somewhere to go.
It's just glorious!

This fall is going to be particularly awesome because it's Makayla's first!
This will be the first time she will get to go pick out her very own pumpkin.
She'll get to see the leaves change colors on the trees.
She'll get to feel the cool breeze on her face. Which she did last night and she kinda liked it, kinda hated it. It was so cute, though! Sarah was holding her and the breeze went right in her face and she kinda sucked in all her air and her little face got red and then she looked at me and beamed with pride. Such a big girl!

I know I haven't posted pictures on here in a long time, but things have been crazy. I've had some drama that came up (again!) and not to mention all that's going on with the house.

But, Adam's got off this coming week, so hopefully we can unpack every single box we still have lingering around this joint. There's so much I want/need to do to this place, it's unreal! It'll get done, I know.

In other news, the Lord blessed us with a babysitter so I can still go to our membership class on Tuesday nights! Yay! Ashley is going to watch our precious little gem for us and she said it fit perfectly into her schedule, which rocks my socks, yo!! I have been wanting to become a member of Parkway for so long and then after last week (she was super tired), I thought I was going to have to stop going all together. So, I'm stoked.

Picked out flowers for our front/side yard area thingy. I'm really excited about that. They are so pretty! I'll post pictures...someday. I mean, they're not even done yet, so you'll prolly have to wait a while.

Oh yeah. Best news ever! Adam got the job in Roseville! And he totally took it! We talked about it for a while...because it's about an hour commute and I was all, Hmmmm, that's a really long time for you to be away. And he was all, Hmmmm, how 'bout another 16K a year? So then I was all, Hmmmm, YES!!! So yay for that, too! Praise Jesus. He is answering all of our prayers and we have been so faithful to Him during this trying time. All the glory goes to Him!!!

So I think there were some other things I wanted to mention, but I can't remember now, so I'm gonna peace. :)

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