19 August 2008

Baby Food

There is so much I need to tell you all.
And so little time.
Makayla is teething...I think and I can never leave the room.
She screams bloody murder.
I was at my mother in law's last week. It was a blast!
Now I'm back home...going to Indiana this Thursday to visit my brother!!!

Makayla had her first 3rd Food today...with pieces of food in it.
Green beans with rice.
And I gave her apple blueberry 2nd Food.

How did you know when to give your baby actual real food? Like bread and crap.
How do I know when she's ready? What do I start her out on?
When I gave her the 3rd Food today, she would always make this face when she got a chunk and kind of gag a little bit.
Does that mean she's not ready? I have no clue what I'm doing here!!

So, when did you give your baby real food?
Did they choke?
Oh yeah and she vomits EVERY. TIME. I feed her. A LOT.

Am I still supposed to breast feed her after she eats baby food?
She doesn't take a sippy cup yet, so I can't give her anything else to drink......
Do you treat juice as a new food?

Wow, I am so confused!

I promise I will update soon with what we've been doing since we've been in Ohio, but things are just so crazy hectic and I so totally love writing with a wriggling baby in my arms and all.

P.S. I've been reading you all, just haven't had time to comment. Read above.


Christy said...

Relax woman! Just give her little pieces of whatever you are eating. Baby's have a really sensitive gag reflex. If she starts to choke, she'll gag it back up pretty quickly. With that said, I have been giving Izzy bread and pasta and crap since he was six months old.

Jessica said...

Check out www.wholesomebabyfood.com They have a great chart that tells you the order in which to introduce baby foods, based on there allergan level and how easy they are to digest. This site is also a great resource if you want to try your hand at making your own baby food. It really isn't that hard and it saves you a TON of money. Plus it is super easy *grin*

Oh, and about the breastfeeding question, yes I always feed mine after feeding them solids. I just thought that they would then be more interested in trying something new and then the breastmilk would quench their thirst and fill them up a little.

Danielle said...

haah BREATHE!!! Eliza ghags a lot too and I don;t force her if she doesn't want it. She hates most stage 3 baby food but loves toast. She also likes those little Gerber puff/ starrs ghings. I can't really give her what i eat yet because I eat a lot of beans and veggies and stuff that will porbably hurt her belly. Eliza gets a bottle after she eats so if you want to breastfeed after it would be fine. I would just say follow her lead and you can never go to slow when giving new food- unless of course she is still eating stage 2 baby food in kindergarten (that might be my Eliza!)- haha I am kidding. Realx and have fun exploring new foods.