27 August 2008

We've Got A CRAWLER!!!

Hello, hello? Is anybody out there?
I know I've been MIA for quite some time now, but I've been busy! Cut me some slack!
Let me start by dusting off my blog...there we go! You can read me now!!

Today is a very special day.
Yeah, I'm sure you read the title.
Makayla's crawling! Wahoo!!!

I guess she just needed to turn 8 months, that's all...which happened on Monday, by the way.
She has changed so much since the day she was born.
She loves to "trill" as her Uncle (Grandpa!) Nate calls it.
She loves to yell at the top of her lungs.
She loves to drink out of water bottles like a big girl!
She absolutely loves to try to stand on her own. It is adorable!

And now.
She is crawling.
I am so happy! I have been waiting for this for a looooooong time!
She's no pro yet or anything, but she's getting there!
She only goes two or three times on her hands and knees and then she's done, but still. It's here!

My mom said I'll be sad, but I'm not yet. I love it!
Maybe she won't be so mad when I leave the room now...she can follow me!

I have no pictures to upload of our trip yet, because I don't have my laptop, so you'll all have to just wait until I get home! Boo, I know.
We just got back from Uncle Nate and Aunt Rose's house this Monday. It was a wonderful trip and I'm so glad they got to meet Makayla...finally! We had a blast in Indiana!

Makayla's already been to 6 states and that was before she was even 8 months old!
World travelling, here she comes!!!

So, I'm a little excited today...sorry about all the exclamations!
I'll try to be back soon...promise. In the meantime, know that I love you all. ♥

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