03 July 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Well it's Thursday and we love lists here at The Crockett Clan, so here's another one for ya!

Thirteen Things I Have Done/Will Do This Week
1. Took Makayla to the pool yesterday! First time!
2. Pick up our family photos. Today!
3. Buy Makayla a bathing suit and sunglasses. Today.
4. Make a HUGE pile of stuff for our garage sale next weekend!
5. Finish pregnancy scrapbook.
6. Have a sleepover with Stephanie!
7. Celebrate Makayla's First Fourth of July.
8. Eat too much.
9. Feel cleansed from all the junk we are getting rid of. It feels so good!
10. Play with Makayla.
11. Miss Adam while he's away camping.
12. Sign papers for our very own house! Did that earlier this week. Yay!
13. Go to sleep at a respectable hour this evening.

There ya have it, ladies and gents. The lovely and sometimes boring things that will be happening our way. We hope you all enjoy your Fourth of July weekend with your loved ones!!

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