02 July 2008


No, no, I am not pregnant again and if I was, somebody would probably have to shoot me!! Do you think I'm flipping nuts? I don't want to be pregnant again now!! :D

Anyway, I'm going to share some things about what I miss about being pregnant and what I do not miss about it. Just thought it'd be a fun little list and we all know how much I love lists around here!!!

Things I Miss About Being Pregnant (in no particular order)
1. Feeling the baby move.
2. Hearing the heartbeat.
3. Seeing my belly bounce around when she kicked or had hiccups.
4. Knowing that I was growing a human being.
5. Thinking about if the baby was a boy or a girl.
6. All the crazy dreams I had!
7. Organizing the room.
8. Having four baby showers and opening all those wonderful presents!
9. Being so very blessed and realizing it every day of my life.
10. Sleeping any time I wanted. I had the best excuse to take a nap!
11. Getting out of the Air Force.
12. Talking to my belly.
13. Nice people at the store opening the door for me or helping me get something off the shelf.
14. Watching Adam interact with my belly...once he got back from Iraq, that is.
15. Going home to see my family in Ohio.
16. Eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
17. Being so lazy and having an excuse. I was growing a person, people!
18. Reading every single pregnancy and parenting magazine and book ever made!
19. Filling out my pregnancy books.
20. Taking pictures of my belly every week.
21. Making my pregnancy scrapbook.
22. Um, sleeping. Yeah, it deserves to be on here twice.
23. Praying for my baby's health.
24. Wondering what the baby was going to look like.
25. Wondering how I would know if I was in labor and what it was going to feel like and how long, etc., etc.

Things I Do Not Miss About Being Pregnant (in no particular order)
1. People wondering if I was pregnant or just fat.
2. Strangers just rubbing my belly. Really? Didn't your Mama teach you anything?!
3. Adam not getting to enjoy the entire experience with me.
4. Not being about to drink alcohol. Not that I do this often, but ya kinda miss it when you can't have it!
5. Sleeping on my belly. Oh yes, it was very missed.
6. Brushing my teeth. I gagged every. single. time. And I vomited once.
7. Not being able to ever get comfortable while sleeping.
8. Having to pee 230957 times a day.
9. Being exhausted no matter how much I slept.
10. Worrying about smokers and pollution and if the seatbelt was too tight and if she was going to have three arms or four eyes or whatever.
11. Worrying about having a miscarriage.
12. Not having Adam here. Yes, it's here twice. It really sucked.
13. Getting everything ready with a big ol' belly.
14. Sleeping alone.
15. All the crazy dreams I had. It's on both lists because I had some pretty freaky ones! Like I left the baby in a dresser drawer for two days.

That's it. I really loved being pregnant and I am so very much excited to do it all over again, but I know it is going to be so different the next time around because I will already have another baby to take care of. So, I can't be as selfish as I was the first time. I'll have to take Makayla to school every morning no matter how tired I am. I'll have to make her lunch every day. I'll have a lot more responsibility and from what I remember, I was tired a lot and it's not going to be easy. But every single thing I went through during my pregnancy was so worth it for the little treasure I got out of it. All in all, my pregnancy and labor and delivery were all very easy and I am oh so blessed and I know it.


chris said...

Great list! I also gagged EVERY single time I brushed my teeth. It was almost fun to brush my teeth after Jack was born, since I wasn't gagging. :)

Becks said...

This list is so true! I could relate to most of it. Especially being lazy and sleeping whenever, that was awesome!! Having people help you out was very cool as well!
The best though...eating whatever! I still do this but now I have guilt and pressure to lose all that baby weight. Wy is it so hard? grr

Allikaye's Mama said...

I loved that list! You are a funny girl! And you brought back some fun prego memories...and some not so fun ones! hhehehe! Cute post!

Britt said...