07 July 2008

Sweet Memories

I was getting ready to put Makayla down for her nap and before we put her in her crib, we hold her for a few minutes (if she's not fussy galore...it just makes things worse then.) and we let her suck her thumb and rock her for a while. So, I did that today and she was sucking her thumb and looking up at me and I kissed the back of her left arm, above her sweet little elbow. Well, she laughed. A lot. It was so precious! So I proceeded to do it and she proceeded to laugh about it! And when I kissed her on her elbow, even more laughter ensued! I guess that's why it's called a funny bone! :)

It was a precious moment with her and I definitely did not want to put her down for a nap after that! But all good things must come to an end. We played that game for a little while and then she stuck her fingers in my mouth (one of her favorite past times) and I make this piggy noise and pretend like I'm eating her fingers. She just loves it! She will laugh and smile for days!

She makes every day worth living. She is such a ray of sunshine in my sometimes depressing world. She makes me giggle. She makes me smile. She is my whole life, that little girl.

And she has no idea.


amanda said...

i just love these moments :)

and you are right - they truly have no idea just how very loved they are!!

Becks said...

Soo sweet and so true! I love those moments. The sound of your child laughing has got to be the best sound in the whole entire universe!!!

AND I can't believe you live like 30 minutes away from Woodland! I have so much family there! I spent all my summers growing up there. You never know one day we may be heading there for a family visit! How cool would that be..we could meet! Small world isn't it?!?